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Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage attitudes of self-discipline, team loyalty, good sportsmanship, and personal integrity. We want to help our athletes develop an appreciation for the benefits of hard work, motivation, and perseverance leaving a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

Program Culture
Whether we are in our gym or not, we strive to instill the "Aloha spirit" into each of our athletes through effective, positive encouragement as well as important family values such as respect.
In addition to our commitment to providing a Hawaiian-style family culture, we push for every member to learn how to be a leader through their actions in order to inspire and empower the youth with whom they train with, compete against, interact with, or encounter while still understanding the importance and value of being a team player. 
Dig This! Volleyball Club is dedicated to providing young athletes an advanced method of training to enhance skills and performance as well as further their knowledge and endurance.
It is our goal to assist the needs of young athletes in realizing their potential not just on the volleyball court, but in their personal lives as well by preparing them to be mentally and emotionally ready for what may lie ahead. As we continue to grow, we will keep working towards being able to provide an experience at a higher level of volleyball to those who may be limited due to financial hardships.
Some Key Gym Rules
  • No sugary drinks (Sports drinks okay)

  • Knee pads required to participate in any activities in the gym

  • No jewelry allowed on the court

  • Acknowledge program coaches and participants

  • For more rules, please refer to the resources page.

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