our mission

Dig This! Volleyball Club encourages attitudes of self-discipline, team loyalty, good sportsmanship, and personal integrity; an appreciation for the benefits of hard work, motivation, and perseverance; and a feeling of pride and accomplishment.



Dig This! Volleyball club is dedicated to providing young athletes an advanced method of training to enhance skills and performance, as well as progress evaluations, attend weekly practices, further their knowledge and endurance while providing opportunities to attend specialty clinics and/or camps.


Every member is taught to be a leader. They will lead by example in their actions in order to inspire and empower the youth with whom they train with, compete against, interact with or encounter while still understanding the importance and value of being a team player. It is our goal to assist the needs of young athletes in realizing their potential not just on the volleyball court, but to be mentally and emotionally prepared for what may lie ahead.



Dig This! Volleyball club would like to expand our program to assist those whom normally wouldn’t be able to experience this level of volleyball due to financial hardships. We would like to be able to provide, and not be limited in providing anyone with, the training; skills; equipment; uniforms; and opportunities to attend camps and/or clinics including current DigThis! Volleyball club members who may also be prohibited from part taking in certain events.



To provide the girls with the proper coaching so they can develop the skills they need to mature into seasoned volleyball players as well as prepare them for the next level whether it be high school or college. Dig This! is also commited to ensuring that our players grow mentally and physically to be the best that they can possibly be.